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Press release 3-6-17 | March 6, 2017


ROCKFORD, IL – March 6, 2017. Miller Eye Center has expanded its team of optometrists with the addition of Dr. Eric Marnul. In addition to bringing a wide array of optometry skills and experience to Miller Eye Center, Dr. Marnul also offers an important bi-lingual capability to the area’s fast-growing Hispanic population.

“It’s exciting to be part of one of the area’s leading centers for eye care, and to be part of a team that’s at the forefront of the latest treatments and technologies,” says Dr. Marnul. “Most importantly, we have the opportunity at Miller Eye Center to bring a high level of eye care to a particularly diverse population of patients.”

Miller Eye Center is the leading area provider of comprehensive eye care for the treatment of cataracts, glaucoma, corneal disease, retinal disease, macular degeneration, diabetic eye care, and other eye-related health issues. For more information, visit:

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Ocular Allergy Testing
It’s time to treat the cause instead of just the symptoms. This year is considered one of the worst for allergies.

We are now offering a new, fast and easy allergy test here in our office that is covered by Medicare and most insurance companies.

Diagnostic ocular allergy testing is a simple way to identify what’s causing your discomfort so you can finally get permanent relief. Ocular allergies affect 24 million Americans, but unfortunately, they often go undetected. Ocular allergy symptoms can cause chronic irritation that can interfere with daily activities.

How does the test work? The test scratches the skin’s surface with trace amounts of the 60 most common allergens in Illinois. Results are available just 10 minutes later. It is covered by insurance. 90% of patients tested have at least one allergy. The test is painless—no shots, no needles!

What happens if I test positive for allergies? Most patients significantly improve their symptoms simply by avoidance .The doctor will also customize a treatment plan for you.

Call Miller Eye Center now at (815) 226-1500 to make your appointment.
Miller Eye Center Employee Wins National Award from JCAPHPO Miller Eye Center wants to congratulate Ruben Eissens on recently receiving his Certified Ophthalmology Technician Certification from the Joint Commission on Allied Health Personnel in Ophthalmology. He studied vigorously, then went to Madison, WI to sit for the test. Ruben also took advantage of an opportunity to enter an essay contest through JCAHPO and his submission WON a national award! His essay was titled “How Certification Benefits the Patient”. The money he won helped make it possible for him to attend the 2014 Annual American Academy of Ophthalmology meeting held in Chicago this coming October. We are incredibly proud of Ruben and many of our other technicians are excited about following in his footsteps. We support all of our staff in getting certifications and pay most of the expenses involved.
Vitreolysis / Floater Treatment

What is our new Vitreolysis “Floater” Treatment?

Also known as “Floater laser treatment”, vitreolysis is a non-invasive, pain-free procedure that can eliminate visual disturbance caused by Floaters. The goal with this procedure is to achieve “functional improvement” and allow you to return to return to “normal” day-to-day activities without the hindrance of floaters.

How does vitreolysis work?

Vitreolysis involves the application of nanosecond pulses of laser light to evaporate larger vitreous opacities and to sever the vitreous strands called Floaters. During this process, the floater’s collagen and hyaluronin molecules are converted into a gas. The end result is that the floater is removed and/or reduced to a size that no longer impedes vision.
Press release 10-15-2013 | October 15, 2013

Richard A. Miller M.D., the founder of Miller Eye Center in Rockford, IL has announced a milestone in multifocal and toric lens implant surgery.

As of September 2013, Dr. Miller has performed over 1, 500 cataract surgeries using ReStor and Toric lens implants. He has performed over 20,000 cataract surgeries during his career.

Dr. Miller was the first ophthalmologist in Rockford to perform Cataract surgery using Alcon’s ReStor multifocal lens implant. The lens implant is designed to restore the patients’ near, far and in between vision without the need for glasses. With standard lens implants most patients require glasses for sharp near, mid-range and distance vision.

“With the latest technological advances there are implants that can reduce or eliminate your need for glasses after cataract surgery. I think this is the greatest advance in ophthalmology in the last 30 years! It is likely that in 20-30 years most people may not even need glasses. They would have multifocal lens implants to correct their vision for life and never worry about getting cataracts! Now is an exciting time to be a cataract surgeon.“
Richard A. Miller M.D.

To celebrate this milestone, Miller Eye Center has been gathering current and past ReStor and Toric patients for photos and testimonials telling their stories of how these lenses have changed their lives. The photo / testimonials will be displayed in our clinic for all to see.

Proper diagnosis is the first step in the relief of Dry Eye Disease. Now thanks to breakthrough technology from TearLab, patients can be tested in their doctor’s office and get the results immediately.
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